A Trip component allowing registered users to create a trip and others to book their intention to attend the trip.


3.2.06 - 3.2.09

  • Bug fix on resending invoices
  • Add extra parameters re BCC notification to members of new trips
  • Add logic to consider single membership names - joining partner name with main user name


3.1.06 - 3.2.05

  • Add parameters -
    • Charge for Trips
    • Manual or Auto Invoicing
    • All invoicing details if Charge for Trips is set to yes
  • Charging for Trips logic
  • Allow for refunds when trip attendance cancelled
  • Integrate to Finance System

3.1.05 - 3.1.06

  • Bug fix when restricting Trip Leaders set to yes


3.1.03 - 3.1.04

  • Bug fix to stop zero costs generating invoice
  • Add switch to generate invoice on booking or on approval of booking


3.0.06 - 3.1.02

  • Enhancements to allow a trip to have a cost per head
  • Generate an invoice based on the cost p/h and number of attendees
  • Integrate invoices into the Finance system



  • Initial coding developed using namespaces